Appolo Machine Ltd. has been supplying precision machined parts and assemblies to a multitude of industries since 1978.


Today our modern manufacturing facility coupled with Lean Methodology and state of the art machinery enables Appolo Machine Ltd. to provide high quality components and assemblies to prestige customers around the world. Today, we also offer design and engineering services to provide support to clients that are looking for turnkey solutions and cost reduction analysis to better compete in the global marketplace. We are able to assist clients in bringing new products to market through our extensive experience in research and development, prototyping, product testing and component consolidation strategies.

Appolo Machine Ltd. Can accommodate the following services:

- 3, 4 and 5 AXIS Milling and Turning of a vast variety of materials.
- Fabricating CNC Break Press, Water Jet Cutting, Laser Cutting and Shearing.
- Welding (MIG, TIG and Electrode).
- Mechanical Assemblies.
- Electronic Assemblies.
- 5 AXIS CNC CMM inspection.


Our professional manufacturing team is highly experienced in design, engineering and product development. Our engineers and specialists also offer expert process and product analysis including Research and Development.



Our Vision: To adopt leading edge technology and to continue to fulfill the present and future demands of the industries we serve.



Appolo Machine Ltd. leveraging the
expertise and years of experience of our employees, our focus is on our core competencies to achieve highest standards of performance in our business .

We are committed to improve our processes to provide customers with quicker, more robust service, while continuing to refine our
Quality Management System.

These operational enhancements will lead to improved service, significant cost reductions, improved on-time performance, and customer satisfaction.

1978 -Appolo Machine LTD.